One-Day Workshop for Teachers & Principals

Socio-emotional learning has been gaining attention recently, but most schools miss out on the biggest benefit – academic growth, in particular for at-risk students. Even though several thousand research studies strongly indicate SEL has a powerful impact on academic growth, traditional methods miss the boat on its power. Research in brain-based learning, meta-cognitive strategies, student self-reporting academic expectations and supported by positive relationships is shown to close achievement gaps. The one thing needed is HOW to fit this into existing instructional time. This workshop demonstrates ways classroom teachers can be highly effective in embedding SEL skills within existing content and their interactions with students.  This workshop helps teachers not only help students become more productive, but makes the classroom experience joyful and engaging.  Children will not want to miss your class when you adopt these techniques for better lesson structure, brain-based activities that improve reasoning and memory, and where behavior problems melt away.  Dramatic improvement in a very short time is possible for all your students, even those at-risk will experience success when you apply the methods learned in this workshop.


One-Day Workshop for Elementary Teachers

How will you know if your struggling students are making gains?  The problem with assessment data gathered on student’s performance is that these are “snapshots in time” taken long after the content and instruction was provided.  Multiple research studies and meta-analyses show that student self-efficacy (student understanding of their own performance and awareness of their own academic progress) powerfully impacts academic growth – in fact students attain more than a year’s academic growth when they know their own capacity to learn.  In this workshop, teachers learn what activities that empower students and help them record their own daily progress on a chart.  These focus on those day-to-day skills teachers already identify as fundamental to achieving skills for their grade level in any subject.  This is a powerful way to bring students with lagging skills up to grade level and help average students excel.  Teachers easily monitor growth for each student while students take ownership of their own learning.  Samples and documents for individual student self-tracking will be provided along with the opportunity to develop materials students will use to track their progress.