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It's Not Rocket Surgery -

Introductory Level in 2 ninety-minute sessions. Learning how to tap into the Brain's Natural Learning System doesn't have to be dull. In this fun, fast paced workshop, participants learn practical, transferable techniques that improve student learning and make teaching easier.

How to Build a Better Brain -

Introductory to Intermediate Levels in 2 three-hour sessions. This workshop focuses on how and why teaching metacognition and Social-Emotional Skills help our students do better in your classroom and gain more productive class time using these brain-based techniques. In part two, we dig deeper into engagement, grit and positive mindset. Specific classroom activities that tap into a child's natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning are modeled and explained so that participants can apply these in their own classroom instruction.

Building a Trauma-Sensitive, High Achieving Classroom

Intermediate to Advanced Levels in 4 three-hour sessions. Nearly half the nation's children have experienced at least one or more types of serious childhood trauma. This series delves deeper into defusing the negative effects of trauma and build a positive working relationship with difficult students. Learn powerful methods to eliminate problem behaviors, drama and stress for you and see struggling students make significant academic gains.

Susan Ciminelli

With her experience, training, and deep understanding of poverty, brain research, and the physical and emotional effects of trauma on the brain, Susan now provides training and consulting services to schools. Susan has presented at the National At-Risk Education Network conference in Baltimore,MD, the Canadian National Association of Principals conference in Saskatoon, SK, and the Association of Christian Schools International in Lancaster, PA.  More recently Susan has published articles in Vanguard and presented at the School Administrators Association of NYS  annual conference on  trauma-informed systemic change for public schools.  Susan hosted The Resilience Symposium – a community-based event on trauma with a panel of distinguished speakers in October 2018.  Susan most recently became an NAESP nationally certified school principal mentor and will be releasing her book – The Collapse of the Hive – on the impact of trauma on American public schools and educators.