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A Summer 2021 Update from Susan Ciminelli:

Hi everyone – as we carefully ease our way out of the Covid Pandemic, I have my first post-pandemic  speaking engagement at the Ignite Your Leadership Worldwide Summit.  This is an online international conference focused on what better schools look like and feel like.  My session is July 13th at 11:00am New Zealand Daily Time zone.  (July 12th at 11:00 pm Eastern (New York) Time Zone)  I hope you’ll join us – from the comfort of your home.  This conference is a combination of pre-recorded speakers (replay) and live sessions (which are participatory events held from 9 – 5 New Zealand Daily Time).  Check the time difference well in advance so you won’t miss out.

For more on the schedule and how to register click here.

Ignite Your Leadership International Education Summit

Ignite Your Leadership International Education Summit July 12 to 14, 2021



How’s my book?

It feels like I’ve been writing and editing for eons, but the book is shaping up and I’m excited to be much closer now to publication.  “Collapse of the Hive: How Trauma has impacted our children and How Schools can Build Back Better” is the working title.  I writing to school leaders who want to implement trauma-informed practices in their schools.  If you have read my blog article “The Nine Facets of a Trauma-informed Organization”  you’ll find my book gets into the details of developing an implementation plan for your school, what to take into consideration, what training to provide and how to determine if your implementation is successful.  Stay tuned as I get closer to publication.  If you’d like to join my mailing list (and download The Nine Facets document – click here.

Highlights from 2019 –

It’s been a busy and exhilarating fall in 2019.  Before the snow flies in Buffalo, I like to cram in as many trainings and presentations.

  • December in Toronto – Advanced Training with Dr. Ross Greene on Collaborative and Proactive Solutions.  Dr. Greene’s gave our small group an in-depth and hands-on instruction.  Advanced trainings provide participants with additional exposure to and instruction in key facets of the CPS model, video examples of its application, and model updates.  I enjoy Dr. Greene’s trainings; he’s very precise, clear and thorough and answers everyone’s questions.
  • November – Learning & The Brain Conference in Boston on Copley Square.  True to the form, this conference like the one I attended in New York City the previous year is chock full of great presenters on riveting topics.  The theme: Learning How to Learn: Applying Learning Sciences for Deeper Reasoning, Retention, and Reflection.  Highlights for me were  – Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond,  Dr. Barbara Oakley, and Dr. Pooja K. Agarwal.  I also attended the pre-conference workshop with Allison Posey – “Engaging Brains: Tapping the Power of Emotion”  All of this great learning and fabulous seafood restaurants with gluten-free everything!
  • October – Training in Hartford, Connecticut with the Search Institute.  This excellent 2-day seminar was dynamic and comprehensive.  I highly recommend this.  Click here for a complete description.
  • October in Baltimore, MD.  Susan Ciminelli presented “The Path to Becoming a Trauma-Informed School” at the National At-Risk Education Network Conference on Oct 17th, 2019.  This presentation for school administrators summarized the key components of moving beyond trauma-sensitive through organizational change toward adoption of trauma-informed practices across all sectors of the school.  This included excerpts from Susan’s book “Collapse of the Hive: Childhood Trauma’s Impact on Our Society and How Schools Can Save Us All” soon to be published in 2020.

NAREN Conference in the News – click on WBAL News Report

Dr. Eric Jensen delivers the Keynote at NAREN Conference 2019 in Baltimore October 16th.

Dr. Eric Jensen delivers the Keynote at NAREN Conference 2019 in Baltimore October 16th.

large crowd at Dr. Jensen's Keynote address

Dr. Eric Jensen’s Keynote address draws a large audience. Red arrow points to me taking notes!