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Teacher & Principal trainings are offered in a variety of workshop formats.  For a copy of the workshop brochure, download the White Waves Trifold Mailer or contact us to have a quantity sent to you via USPS.

Two 90-minute workshops

Learning how to tap into the Brain’s Natural Learning System doesn’t have to be dull.

In this fun, fast paced workshop, participants get practical, transferable techniques that improve student learning and make teaching easier.  A brain-centered classroom is where the educator recognizes the physical and emotional needs of the brain in relationship to learning. Participants will explore and engage in instructional strategies and principles of learning from the lens of brain research.  Introductory Level

Two 3-hour workshops

Gain more productive class time by using these brain-based techniques.

Dig deeper into engagement, grit and positive mindset and what role these play in academic achievement.  Specific classroom activities and methods of instruction that tap into a child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning are modeled and explained so that participants can apply these in their own classroom instruction. Participants will have opportunities to apply brain-based strategies that improve long-term memory.  Includes the brain research and concepts in “It’s Not Rocket Surgery” workshops.  In part 2 of this workshop, behaviors and basic understanding of trauma are included.

Four 3-hour workshops

Nearly half the nation’s children have experienced at least one or more types of serious childhood trauma.

Learn simple, practical routines to embed throughout the school day to manage mental states and reduce your students’ anxiety and frustration.  In parts 2 & 3 focuses on building positive relationships and delves deeper into defusing the negative effects of trauma.  Learn powerful methods to address  problem behaviors, non-productive attitudes, and the drama and stress for you and your students.  In part 4  learn how existing curriculum tools and clever scheduling allow teachers to quickly provide every student a customized learning plan that helps struggling learners to “catch up” or exceed grade-level proficiency.  At the same time, you’ll learn how to build-in individual progress monitoring without more demands on your time or increasing your workload. Participants will prepare the materials to take back to their classrooms for student use.  Procedures and routines to implementation will be explicitly taught.  tracking their own academic progress and makes the teacher’s productivity soar along with students’ academic achievement.Participants receive a USB drive with all the progress monitoring templates needed to set up their classroom

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